Chess Links

Chess and Math Association

The Home site for all of our school programs. Great links to other school sites and products for our school programs. You have to stop here if you are involved in school chess.

Chess Federation Canada

Our National Site, Free Information for School clubs, Member ratings, great links and a wide variety of chess supplies at great prices.


ChessTalk - a site for Canadian chess news and views.

World Chess Network

World Chess Network - a free online chess site. Play chess or watch the lectures and demonstration games by internationally titled players.

Nova Scotia Chess Site

A well designed site with great information for chess players of all ages. A great starting page for anyone interested in chess.

About Ratings

Everything you wanted to know about chess ratings but were afraid to ask.

Exeter Chess Club Coaching Page

A page for anyone interested in coaching or learning the game of chess.

Chess Basics

A variety of puzzles and tutorials for players of all levels.

Barnett Chess Club

Want to improve your game visit this site. Openings explained for younger players and us old guys too.

Chess Lab

Two Million games in a database.

Internet Chess Club

A great place to play chess online.

The Week in Chess

For those interested in the WORLD of Chess this site is a must read and put it at the top of your favourites list because you will return often.

Kid's Chess Network

Chess links and tutorials for our younger players. Another site from our U.S. counterparts.

Kids and Chess

A great scholastic chess site with lots of links and chess news from everywhere.

Home Page for the U.S. Chess Center

The home of the U.S. Chess HAll of Fame. There is plenty here for Teachers, players, and parents. This site is well organized and always updated. Mark this one down in your list of favorites.


Last updated: Thursday September 06, 2007