Ratings simply provide a way for players to compare themselves against all other chess players in Canada. Watch your rating increase as you improve your game with time. It represents an excellent way to stimulate young players new to the game of chess.

There are two rating organizations within Canada which 'rate' the results from tournament play. These are:

The Chess'n Math Association out of Montreal is responsible for maintaining the 'Scholastic' rating of all school aged players, Grades K through 12 playing in 'Scholastic Tournaments', while the Chess Federation of Canada is responsible for rating all 'CFC Tournaments' which accommodates chess players of all ages. If your name is not on either of these sites, then you have not played in a 'rated' tournament. Once you do, you will become a rated player with an associated computer ID#. This ID# is different for both the Chess'n Math Association and the Canadian Federation of Chess.

As implied above, not all tournaments are rated.  It is generally up to the organizers of a tournament to decide whether to have their tournament rated or not.  To get a tournament rated by either the Chess'n Math Association (Scholastic Rating) contact Chris Dawson at newfoundlandchess@yahoo.ca. Once results are submitted, the new rating are posted usually within a week or two on the site of either the Chess'n Math Association or the Canadian Federation of Chess.

Last Updated: Friday September 10, 2004